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Zarek Silberschmidt

Fingerstyle Guitarist


Acoustic Guitar Chameleon

Zarek Silberschmidt is a New Zealand finger-style guitar virtuoso now based in Basel, Switzerland. Chameleon-like with his articulation of acoustic guitar performance, Zarek stylistically remarkably versatile and a natural born performer with an unmistakeably Ki sense of humour evident in performance. A multi-cultural upbringing naturally led him t pursue a global performance career as a solo guitarist and highly sought after session guitarist.

“A very special kind of artist, who combines an incredible talent and dedication his craft, with an inescapable wit and charm, and a performance that is truly captivating.”
— Bridget Walsh // Founder, INDHE

Zarek’s skill in the art of shape-shifting sounds has been described as uniquely dextro and simply phenomenal. A spectrum of techniques mastered through deep exploration and study of genre-specific qualities, grants him the ability to seamlessly tailor and improvise performances, flowing through musical styles to take audiences through a journey of his homelands and a broad exploration of the Western musical world. Influences of Tommy Emmanuel and John Butler fuel ingenious renditions of ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ (https://youtu.be/RNS2We4mYV8) and ‘Ocean’, for instance, showcasing immense ability and maturity beyond his years.

Zarek released his first E.P. titled ‘Home’ with a 40-concert tour across Aotearoa New Zealand in early-2018.




Cuban Experience


Why we love Domingo

Singer/song writer Domingo Candelario was born in the heart of La Havana, Cuba. As a child he was greatly influenced and inspired by the Brazilian music that his parents listened to. He went on to develop his own unique style within the “Nueva Trova” movement which began in the late ‘60s and has its roots in traditional Cuban folk music, incorporating progressive and often politicized lyrics.

He toured Cuba and much of Europe over a period of 3 years as guitarist and singer with Yusa, another Cuban singer/song writer from a similar background. They performed as a duo, creating waves among the small corner bars and neighbourhood clubs where they performed.

In 1997 Domingo took part in the Cuban experience paleis des sports Paris Porte de Versailles, alongside other notable artists such as Mister Acorde guitarist, Vocal group Catharsis, The Eduardo Ribero dance company, The Narciso medina dance company and singer songwriter Yusimil Lopez. In 1998 as singer/songwriter and theatre director he participated in a major celebration of Cuban culture in Portugal alongside Amaury Perez Vidal, singer/songwriter; Octavio Cortazar, filmmaker; Miguel Barnez, writer and investigator and director of the association, Fernando Ortiz.

In 1999 he composed music for the film Cuban love by the American director Joshua Bee Alafia. Together with the Thabani band he toured the UK and collaborated with many diverse musicians including Yusa, Mister Acorde, Jose luis Estrada and Naomi Thabani director of Thabani band. Having finished a media and arts degree from the University of London in 2010 he continues to play in London in venues such as Ronnie Scotts, Jazz Cafe and Momo amongst others.





It all started when…

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